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Sunday, March 6, 2011

We had visitors

Our friend Rachel and her girls came for a visit.
We met Rachel and her husband Ben when they were finishing up Ben's residency here in Ohio and Tim and I had just moved into town. Rachel and Ben were  are gifts from God, she was, is a source of strength and encouragement to get through residency. Thanks Rach!!
Rachel and Ben now call Indiana home but not before spending a year in Miami for fellowship, during which time us girls took a mini cruise to the Bahama's.

Rachel and Ben have two daughter's and a third baby due in June! Although the visit was short we had a great time.
We went to the zoo and did some shopping. Mary and Anna are easy going girls and had a great time with our dogs (well mostly Riley... Madison is just a bit too).

Here are some highlights!

The girls love animals and really loved seeing the rain forest!

Anna loved Riley and feeding her seemed to be great! She took a maternal role, worrying that Riley may choke, so she only gave her 1 piece of food at a time........It went something like this....

 Yet, for herself Anna was not scared about choking...after all she is almost 2yrs old! At dinner she didn't waste any food :)  Sticking in as much as her little cheeks would hold.

Thanks for stopping by Rachel, Mary and Anna! It was great to have little feet running through the house and hearing laughter in the morning. I can't wait to come visit this summer when the new baby brother or sister arrives in mid June.

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